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Old 07-19-2018, 11:39 PM
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Lightbulb [TIPS] How to choose cheap VPS Vietnam for your business?

VPS in Vietnam is so useful in experiment environment for demo project because there no need to have many multiple physical servers.

- Easy to upgrade without rebooting the system.

- Promptly reinstall the operating system in 5-10 minutes.

- Allows customers to choose appropriate VPS configuration.


- Stability of VPS is affected by physical server operation.

- Limited resource of physical server must be shared for many different clients.

Customer of VPS services
VPS is popular to web development companies, web design companies and business companies. There four main customer groups of VPS services:

- Web designers (multi-site hosting, sand box, hosting clientís websites).

- Web developers (development platform, sand box, bespoke scripts & software).

- Advanced webmasters (large websites, dynamic functionality, multi-site hosting, bespoke scripts & software, database server & email server).

- Businesses (high resource website, ecommerce, media streaming, database & email server, data storage).

Using VPS is not simple because it is not only higher version of shared hosting but also a private rental server, you need necessary management skills. So it is said that VPS is a good solution for technological and experienced customers.

Important technical specifications of VPS
More RAM, better the data access. You should check if your VPS uses physical RAM or virtual RAM to avoid estimating the performance of your VPS incorrectly. In a server RAM is the main memory. RAM will handle the PHP code with PHP software, database queries with MySQL, supports encoding data. So this is very important parameters.

Currently most of the VPS service will allow you to select the RAM memory from 512MB to 16GB (if more than 16GB, it is cloudVPS). Depending on your website traffic as well as VPS optimization, you will choose suitable RAM memory.


Disk (HDD) is the storage space that saves the installation file of the operating system as well as your website source code. The drive is now divided into 2 types:

- HDD (Hard Disk Drive): the most common type of drive that you use on computer.

- SSD (Solid State Drive): semiconductor hard drive. It is also a hard drive that is faster than HDD about 300 times. VPS with SSD will be more expensive than HDD.

Hard drives have a great impact on the speed of VPS. SSD has better stability, durability, speed and shock resistance compared to SDD. With good budget, you should use VPS SSD.

A dedicated server has a certain CPU cores and it will be distributed to the VPS cloud Vietnam. The higher CPU core number VPS have, the faster data processing it get. Each core is capable of sequentially processing data packets and multiple CPU-core combinations will increase the overall processing speed of the system.

Although most people do not use their resources of SWAP, using SWAP make server get more effective performance. SWAP is a virtual memory that saves the old handle action if your RAM is full (overload). SWAP is a separate storage space on hard drive, an independent memory. You can completely create a swap on your VPS.

Some cheap Vietnam VPS server providers do not offer backup, so you have to back up yourself to avoid data loss.

Managed VPS: Managed VPS is VPS service that supports managed services. Managed services include installation, assistance, optimal performance as well as security for VPS. Price of managed VPS is often quite high because the VPS administration is not easy. It is suitable for those who need to use VPS without many administration skills.

Unmanaged VPS

Unmanaged VPS is service that does not include the administration of VPS. The provider just ensures that your VPS will not get downtime or other errors originated from the primary server.

With this service, you have to install webserver, configuration, software, security system by yourself. And you are absolutely responsible for your setup.

Unmanaged VPS is cheaper than Managed VPS services, but you should use with experience of VPS.

Bandwidth and data transfer are two commonly misunderstood concepts. But itís not! Bandwidth is the maximum data that transfers between the website and users each month. Remember these things when choosing VPS: Bandwidth should be the highest, and traffic must be unlimited. Meanwhile, data transfer refers to the amount of digital data that transfer from one place to another in a specific time, usually one second. You should choose hosting unlimited service or large bandwidth package (over 100GB/month) to protect your website from blocking because of using exceeded bandwidth.

When purchasing VPS you will be asked to choose the operating system, this is an important issue.

Most VPS service provider will support the following operating systems:

∑ CentOS (Linux)

∑ Ubuntu (Linux)

∑ Debian (Linux)

∑ Fedora (Linux)

∑ Windows Server (Windows)

If you are using WordPress, you can select the Linux operating system. If you are the beginner, let choose CentOS because it is relative popular and easy to use.

All of these are the Webserver Control Panel for VPS or dedicated server. Its main function is to support your webserver configuration, create small.

3 Webserver Control Panel above are paid to use, you will have to pay prices of US $ 8 to $ 15 per month.

∑ cPanel is the best and most popular Webserver Control Panel at present. If you've ever used Shared Hosting you may know cPanel X, which is a function of cPanel Control Panel.

∑ DirectAdmin is similar to cPanel with fewer features. However this control panel is cheaper than cPanel.

∑ Parallels Plesk is like cPanel and DirectAdmin but it supports both Windows VPS and Linux VPS.

IP (Internet Protocol) is the number of IP addresses that you get from your Vietnam VPS server provider. These IP address will be randomly selected. Usually, if you buy more different IP, the IPs will have the same class A and B. For example:

Virtualization technology
Depending on your needs and budget, choose full or partial virtualization. There are different types of virtualization technologies: KVM, OpenVZ, XEN, VMWARE.

∑ KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine): KVM is a full virtualization technology that performs real virtualization on server hardware. As a result, KVM VPS is allocated a dedicated resource that is independent of another VPS on the same node. The physical server runs Linux while KVM VPS can run both Linux and Windows. Because of these advantages, KVM VPS is more expensive than OpenVZ VPS.

∑ XEN VPS: XEN virtualization technology allows each virtual server to run on their own kernel so that users can install both Linux and Windows operating system. Each VPS has its own file system and operates as an independent physical server. XEN virtualization technology requires sufficient physical resources for each VPS so that service providers must equipped physical resources on the real server. It is resulted that XEN VPS server are often more expensive than other technology.

For example, if you rent a VPS with 1GB of RAM and 2 cores, you will take advantage of entire resources. No need to share by other VPS on the same server.

∑ OpenVZ VPS: OpenVZ (Open Virtuozzo) is a virtualization technology system based on the Linux kernel. OpenVZ allows a physical server to run separately operating systems (called containers), virtual private servers (VPSs) or virtual environments (VEs).

It is also a virtual server that enables many VPS on the same server to share resources to each other. For example, you have 1GB of RAM and 2 cores but your VPS does not take advantages of all resource. At that time many your server will share the CPU resources for other VPS on the same server.

Xen will be faster and better than OpenVZ. However, OpenVZ VPS is the cheap VPS and it is also easy to upgrade resources without resetting the VPS.

In spite of the disadvantages which may be experienced by hosting customers, getting the best VPS services can help in minimizing or preventing the occurrence of such issues as you go along. Hence, connecting with reliable Windows VPS vendors may just be a wise move you should make.

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