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Old 02-21-2018, 06:36 PM
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Default DDOS protection - Sharktech

Remote Network DDoS Protection
Protect Any Internet Service, Hosted Anywhere.

[Visit Sharktech's Website] ■ [Go to Remote Network DDoS Protection] ■ [Tour DDoS Protection]


Sharktech is a provider of secure cyberspace with unique in-line and cloud-based DDoS protection technology. Sharktech’s DDoS protection comes standard with all hosted services—up to 50 Gbps and upgradeable to 500 Gbps—and can be applied remotely to protect any internet service, anywhere.

DDOS Attacks are a Problem

As the number of breaches increase, security solutions have lagged behind and organizations have found themselves unable to reconcile the needs of their business with increasing risk. More specifically, the impact of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have increased in scale and are harder to ignore.
  1. Never Enough
    Even as DDoS protection gains in importance in light of increasing attacks and damages, the existing approaches come up short.

  2. Too Expensive
    Organizations are spending increasing funds on additional security solutions, while the operational costs further increase the burden.

  3. The Business Suffers
    Risk management and security control impede the adoption of new technologies and restrict workers from engaging in a networked world.

Sharktech: DDoS Protection, Solved

Sharktech stops DDoS attacks, with predictable and flat pricing regardless of attack size and duration. All attack traffic that would otherwise directly hit your network infrastructure is automatically routed to Sharktech’s global Anycast network of data centers.
  • No Software Required
  • No Hardware Required
  • Unrivaled Solution

Remote Network DDoS Protection

Here’s how it works: All DDoS attack traffic that would otherwise directly hit your infrastructure is automatically routed to Sharktech’s globally distributed DDoS filtering.
  1. After BGP announcement, all or select traffic—always or at the time of an attack—is drawn to the Sharktech scrubbing cloud.
  2. Sharktech scrubbing centers clean your traffic, allowing legitimate traffic to proceed to your infrastructure.
  3. Cleaned traffic is sent to you via super-fast GRE tunnels.
  4. The final response sent back to your legitimate visitor from your network.

[Visit Sharktech's Website] ■ [Go to Remote Network DDoS Protection] ■ [Tour DDoS Protection]
__________________ Dedicated Servers - DDOS protected servers including dedicated servers, VPS, and colocation.
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