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Old 02-08-2018, 11:16 PM
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Default The knowledge are to have for a course for the period of students in 2018

The knowledge to review the subject for the 2018 entrance exam. According to the teacher's predictions, this year's subject exam will fit you, but to be able to achieve absolute scores. It is extremely difficult.

It is predicted that the entrance examination for Enrollment 2018 will be in the language of the students will be in the knowledge standards, ensuring the criteria for graduation high school graduation and suitable for admission to universities and colleges.

Ms. Pham Thi Giang, Head of Nho Quan B High School (Ninh Binh) said: Based on the national high school subject of Literature that the Ministry of Education and Training, according to the general comment on the content and form is very clear, Explicit, concise, scientific and educational. Thus, we can determine the content and form of the entrance exam this year will be in the textbook program, in accordance with the standards of skills of students, ensuring criteria , in accordance with the capacity of each student.

Particularly in the Reading section (3 points), students are required to apply knowledge and skills in writing. These are expressions, artistic measures, linguistic styles, discourse manipulations ... to answer small questions.

In the 2018 language arts entrance exam, students need to know how to present their own points of view, addressing issues that need to be addressed and explaining that. While the text does not fall within the scope of the textbook, this type of question is a discursive form of discussion about a problem in social life that is familiar to students.

In the High School Literacy program, all students are trained in this skill. So, they will not be surprised, however, to achieve a maximum score of 3 points is not a simple thing, only those who are specialized in learning can do this.

Writing section has two questions. With the number 1 (2 points), there are links to the Reading section, which will facilitate students to implement the article more conveniently.

With the number two in 2018: With the topic is to ask the students to express their feelings about the two characters: the boatman (in the driver of Da river) and the character of Hao Cao ( in Death Note).

In order to be able to answer this question well, they need to firmly grasp the knowledge of author Nguyen Tuan on the basis of two works: the Da River driver and the Death Note with two main characters. From that, to apply the content of the learned has to compare with each beauty of each character and give the writer's concept of human beauty. In addition to the knowledge in the textbook, they also need to be able to think creatively in the paper, relate to the real world, combining literary and life skills.

According to Pham Thi Giang, in general, the Ministry's reference this year is highly differential, creating conditions for enrollment in 2018 into universities and colleges. In terms of overall coverage, the Literacy category ensures that skills testing meets the criteria of the National High School Examinations.

Good pupils can do well to meet the top grade. But for the medium and weak student classification in this regard will be more limited. Shorter time to meet requirements. Therefore, in addition to the use of skills, students also need to know how to allocate time to do the right thing, avoid excess, time too much.

If you have been revising enough of the required knowledge, then your next step will be to make the right choice of study and school. If you are still wondering what kind of school or school to study and to serve your life in the future, we suggest that it is the nursing industry - one of the branches The society is focused on investment and development extremely powerful today.

In fact, in hospitals, health facilities show that although the state still attaches great importance to investment, human resources to serve the industry is extremely scarce. So it is not necessary to go to college, just after college, after graduation, if you have college Nursing education in HCM City, you will find it easy to find a job.

And one of the most Place of medical training in Vietnam is the Ho Chi Minh City College of Medicine and Pharmacy, and since its inception, the school has always been friendly. In the eyes of students, students, teachers and parents.

>>>> see details of enrollment information for the Department of Nursing, Ho Chi Minh City College of Medicine.
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Old 08-10-2018, 12:49 PM
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When the tests finally are passed I recommend you to allocate classes you really need for your future life and the ones that you won't. And a good opportunity to handle with them is to ask for a help to professionals here
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