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Old 03-20-2016, 04:23 AM
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Angry My domain is stolen!

Here is what happened: about a week ago the hacker cracked my email account and get password from He sets up to receive emails. Thus he hacked where I stored with . Although I check everyday, but he can erase some related emails immediately so I didn\'t know what happened. After transfer my away, He wants my, this time he has to use my yahoo email a lot so he changed my yahoo password on Mar 17,2016, and I get an alert. That\'s the first time I found something wrong. I called freezing my account and was told has been transferred away. Other domain names in are frozen now. Yahoo email is recovered by the recover email I set. However, it\'s taken by hacker again and again. During these time I call godaddy many time but failed to prove I am myself because email and phone not belong to me. is blocked at the last step in China . China firewall makes captcha code not shown. Yesterday all emails in my earlier than 2008 Mar were deleted, I realized hacker is hiding something, like confirmation letters from godaddy. There is no customer service at yahoo mail, so I have no chance to tell yahoo my email is shared with hacker, he can change the password whenever I make a new password, I can recover it by recover email. Now he has successful changed my godaddy account's email, and I can enter yahoo email for longer time. Yahoo is now useless for him.Thanks for your time to read this, this is what happened and happening. I have reported this to local police station.

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