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Link which contain Rel=”nofollow” HTML attribute is nofollow the attribute simply assist search engines to know more about the link. Whenever you found a little piece of code in your link i.e. Rel=”nofollow” it mean that the link is nofollow and these types of links does not impact the authority nor help you out to Improve Seo ranking or visibility of your website.

Because rel nofollow tag is a noindex tag which has in fact a clear instruction for Search engines that do not try to index particular link.

By adding the above mentioned code for noindex crawlers simply ignore it and do not give any value nor pass link juice which cannot be prolific for batter ranking in search engines.


It is a type of link which has a potential to improve the ranking and the credibility of your website in Google. By default every link is dofollow, link which does not contain Rel=”Nofollow” Attribute is dofollow and these are considered to be the most powerful links for any websites.

These links allow search engine to doindex and pass link juice which is indeed the most vital thing for webmasters.The credit goes to Google who introduces dofollow link in 2005 to deeply filter search engine results for spam indexing.
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