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during material straightening: o chemical locks relaxer formula - it cuts the cross-bonds inside each locks and makes the locks straight; o neutralizer - it fixates the effect of the relaxer and restores organic pH; o petroleum lotion - it protects your go from the influence of the relaxer; o shampoos created for relaxers - they take appropriate proper the locks after the hair-styling and help to increase the our health and fitness of your hair; andras fiber o hair soothing locks hair conditioners - they moisturize the locks and then create the safety barrier around each locks to avoid their brittleness and fragility. The soothing process usually consists of the following steps. All of them are crucial and should be done in beauty salon by expert fashion stylist only. Step #1: Apply the relaxer A safety petroleum lotion may or may not provide as security to the go and previously relaxed or damaged locks. An ingredient locks soothing formula is used to soften, loosen and relax organic waves. The locks should be definitely dry before the soothing process is started. A beauty consultant applies some relaxer on separate locks and straightens it carefully with hands or other flat device. The locks should not be combed as the relaxer influences organic elasticity of the locks and it can be pulled twice its usual length. Relaxers are usually remaining on locks for 5-8 min or a longer interval if required. As relaxers influence the core of each locks, the a longer interval you exit the material formula on locks the straighter the locks will be. But the chance of damaging the locks will also be higher. Step #2: Rinse and neutralize After the locks has been processed for the appropriate deadlines, the ingredients are definitely rinsed from the locks with heated regular normal water. The regular normal water should not be hot or cool, but heated only to avoid temperature shock for the locks. Then a neutralizing formula is used to the locks. The neutralizer is also known as a stabilizer or fixative. The neutralization process oxidizes locks and restores its pH because an outstanding pH, as a consequence of the soothing, can cause the locks to swell and crack. You need to be very careful when applying neutralizer, because it not only fixates the results the locks soothing process, but some of the
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