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webdev 08-23-2010 08:22 AM

Best software for making website?
Hello everyone, witch is the best software to develop the website?

onetimeplease 11-29-2012 01:04 AM

To make website you need to do three steps.
>Domain name registration
>Website hosting
>Website designing.
You can register the Domain name at
then you can get Website designing tool named as Website Tonight from here itself at low cost .You can design your website using this tool very easily.Dreamweaver is website designing software ,but you need to study about this software fully and then only you can use it.So you can better use website tonight tool and design it simply.It consists of lot and lot designs,themes,templates using this you can design your website very beautifully.Hosting plan comes with that service so you don't need to buy separate hosting plan.

Jazz 06-27-2013 07:35 AM

IMO, Dreamweaver is pretty good and easy to operate, but I also want to know what others peoples use for web designing.

JuliaSims 08-22-2013 03:17 AM

Dreamweaver would be the best to design websites. You can code both HTML and CSS using it.

Nehal121 10-03-2017 09:27 AM

There are lots of designing software available to design a site. Some of them are:


hilaryy 01-08-2018 11:24 AM

There are so many software's available that you can use to create or build your website. Some of the most Important one's are:- Adobe dreamweaver,HTML editor,Adobe muse, Webflow and others. So you can check out reviews of all these software's and then you can choose the one which you like all of them are good. But remember to use sdlc review tools because it will help you to protect your website from vulnerabilities related error.

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