View Full Version : How did you learn about Bitcoin?

04-27-2018, 10:09 AM
How did you learn about Bitcoin?

04-27-2018, 12:10 PM
What do you know about BIS London (https://bisshow.com/) conference that is organised as a full-scale life-time event that deals with the field of blockchain techs? I would like to take part as a visitor but I'm afraid it would be too expensive including the tickets to London and to the conference. Perhaps, we could share the expenses?

05-20-2018, 06:49 AM
Some time ago I found ICO Pulse site - https://icopulse.com/blog/how-buy-cryptocurrency-canada/ and that is how I learnt about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. And I want to say that cyptocurrency investing or trading is a good way to make some money. Some cyptocurrency traders make thousands of dollars. But you need to learn a lot to achieve such a result.

06-04-2018, 08:56 AM
If you're going to ask others, you gotta share your own story.
But with me personally, I was really interested in cryptography and steganography, and one thing led to another until I eventually stumbled upon Bitcoin. This was late 2009/early 2010. I saw genuine potential in the IDEA, but I saw Bitcoin as more of a proof of concept at the time than anything.
I'm currently looking at https://icoschedulers.com/ Anyone else looked at these or got some others I should check out?