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  1. challenging...
  2. Windows Hooks WH_KEYBOARD_LL not functional
  3. Data Type
  4. doubt in c??
  5. Passing adress of pointers to functions
  6. i need help pleaz >>
  7. help with warning :)
  8. secondary school system
  9. I think gcc lying to me!
  10. need help solving basic graphics
  11. secondary school system
  12. Idea
  13. i need modification for this c programming game .the line should be no more than 120
  14. how to assign command line arguments to threads in program
  15. Need some assistance with a string parser program!
  16. adding from 0 to a number that will be entered by the user .
  17. display students sorted by id
  18. c windows programming
  19. Help!!!!!
  20. add to two linked lists
  21. file problem
  22. Problem about adding sets
  23. c implemetation of the algorithm..............
  24. Number tally in an array
  25. How Visual Studio is working in this context?
  26. Problem with structure
  27. Tabbed text file / output binary values
  28. Speeding up Euler Pr 12
  29. factorial series
  30. C Related question!
  31. Segmentation fault - how to debug
  32. How to convert Uint32 to IP address dot format
  33. Currency Converer (Need help with this)
  34. gmp add function
  35. How to put video on your iPod?
  36. nested for loop problem
  37. Some string fun
  38. extract multidigits from a char* (substring)
  39. C Sockets and object cache
  40. Need a explanation!!! have a look
  41. Will this code generate mem leak??
  42. use of flag in c
  43. file problem
  44. Cant run the code using gcc
  45. Reading A File
  46. Using isdigit
  47. Help with arrays and reading and writing txt
  48. summing array according to i
  49. Adding large numbers
  50. please hlep ()
  51. File problem in link list
  52. Re: mp3 compression
  53. help to work on structures..
  54. Best C++ Compiler
  55. How to Disable UNICODE in VC++ 2008
  56. The C Programming Language
  57. Reading link list in files..
  58. The C Programming Language
  59. Program Keeps reading wrong input
  60. IIC Interrupt Handler
  61. Recursion problem
  62. sorted linked list
  63. Pointer Problem
  64. get the rest of the string after a strtok
  65. While and If statements
  66. Printing Question
  67. function prototype
  68. printf and scanf doubt...
  69. linked list (another problem)
  70. type casting
  71. I made the simplest program I could in Visual Studio and it won't work
  72. extract data from a char string
  73. how to access odbc ms access database by C from msvc++2008?
  74. Dynamic Array with pointers!!!!
  75. Problem with memory free in C
  76. program profiling
  77. Help with my row counter
  78. strdup-casting
  79. Passing an integer by adress
  80. Problem with Dynamic Arrays
  81. compiling turbo c -graphics error
  82. Read dat file data but cannot acces later to it.
  83. Is it possible to pass a 2d array without the size known
  84. Vi and ctags
  85. Questions on a simple C program
  86. String Swap Not Working
  87. Pointer Manipulation and Associativity
  88. Postfix operation
  89. Font properties
  90. my code
  91. Error i can't understand
  92. can anyone explain me how dis code is working
  93. Memory Problem After a certaion limit
  94. Four in a row
  95. If and while statement problem (Beginner)
  96. falling letters
  97. How cn i change a windows folder
  98. Finding the number of variables equal to a certain value
  99. Reading EBCDIC file through C
  100. histogram in c
  101. Memory Allocation and Deallocation
  102. Find string repetitions
  103. fgets/puts creates weird output
  104. want to clarify something
  105. another thing
  106. gtk support of winxp high resolution timers?
  107. Airline Ticket Reservations System
  108. GSL (newbie) problem. (Is it the code?)
  109. Problem in understandting Multi dimensional array and nested loops
  110. strcat
  111. Read a Regular .txt file
  112. Problems with fseek
  113. Homework problem (I'm trying, just need a shove)
  114. Reading Line By Line question
  115. IsPrime.cpp
  116. Cygwin socket problem
  117. proper usage of main()
  118. Turbo C
  119. Code Problem: Access violation reading location?
  120. Banker's Algorithm in C
  121. not recently used replacement
  122. how can i make command shell using C
  123. Modifying the strstr function
  124. Segmentation fault
  125. freertos problem
  126. New to C, need help. Character Counting Program.
  127. Wondering about execve command
  128. Calling third party dll from C program
  129. linked list accessment
  130. Extern Functions:
  131. Hardare Lock Through Parallel Port For Client-Server Access
  132. how does this work. ?
  133. piechart in c
  134. Machine Project..need help
  135. strncpy error
  136. IsPerfect function
  137. Schedule events in c
  138. Comparing String with spaces
  139. remove whie space from beginning and end
  140. Save a File (Code in C)
  141. Intersection of two strings
  142. Problem!!! Pls. help!!!
  143. Ptr copying pls help
  144. How does Casting work with #define?
  145. Maybe too late but as the saying goes...
  146. Ideas for a c project
  147. msp430x26x.h
  148. The error: expected ‘=’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘asm’ or ‘__attribute__’
  149. Need help! how to store file data in a structure?
  150. Function Parameter Evalution Order
  151. A few basic C questions
  152. silly
  153. Getchar
  154. C program needed...URGENT !!!!!
  155. Binary search tree help needed
  156. How to redo the same code using structs
  157. pattern printin
  158. Need urgent help in C program
  159. Linux C and working with device
  160. cant read the inventory.ini
  161. Help
  162. int to float to float to int
  163. Modifying pointer program
  164. SHA-1 in C
  165. Write a function called MaxMinAvg in C that takes an integer array as ar
  166. Determine end of word
  167. Find all occurences of a substring in a string
  168. Bitonic sort MPI
  169. functions, problem using islower and isupper together, please help!
  170. Smart way to break end a program
  171. Beginner C Question
  172. WSPConnect
  173. c project
  174. Problem with Signals
  175. Salary problem...(Beginner)
  176. How to get the index value in an array??
  177. Start Learning C
  178. Need of linked list program
  179. String to unsigned char array
  180. How to convert char string of Hex characters to unsigned char string of binary data
  181. Simple Question regarding char Ptrs
  182. having a hard time writing a program
  183. Free download ebooks
  184. Find a string in a file
  185. Getting the return address
  186. Accessing Vtable
  187. TurboC3 not compiling basic programs help....
  188. strtok question
  189. unsigned char into array of bits
  190. Another brain buster
  191. Array overflow problem
  192. help with files
  193. Basic
  194. Balancing a checkbook
  195. fibbonacci sequence with stack recursion
  196. neeed help in a project..
  197. Battleship program: questions, guidance, code check
  198. pls suggest ways to improve my calendar code
  199. 2d Array problems
  200. Function acting weird
  201. Forum courtesy: Solved Threads
  202. using strcmp
  203. Reading char from stdin without waiting for input
  204. Searching a String from a structure which is saved in a text file
  205. Need help with structure write to file
  206. char pointer to char
  207. how to calculate time elapsed during execution
  208. Check my code: Get ten random unique numbers then store in array.
  209. gotxy function REPLY
  210. gotoxy function
  211. help me in pattern
  212. Need help for run time speaker indicator
  213. Removing chars from a string
  214. can u please solve
  215. Simple IF Loop
  216. Pointers and Sorting Array by Even and Odd numbers
  217. Bison ! "start symbol 'grammar' does not derive any sentence" meaning?
  218. dice probability
  219. Return 0;
  220. copying the chars that are same
  221. Associativity of operators in c
  222. HTTP parsing using C
  223. Initializing array elements using getchar()
  224. reading from a file
  225. Mode of an array
  226. need help
  227. Need help
  228. need to output backwards not in reverse
  229. urgent
  230. NEED Help ASAP
  231. whats wrong about my program?help me...
  232. My Assignment...Hu can help me???
  233. GOTO command
  234. Learn from the market leaders - the secret of profit making
  235. Binary Tree Help
  236. scope of variables
  237. Questions about Snake (game) in C or C++
  238. format specifier for BYTE
  239. Undeclared Variables
  240. win32 mouse cursor control
  241. Passing a multidimensional array
  242. Need help getting the correct signal for child process?
  243. Want to shrink this code
  244. Question about code
  245. I tried and still failed.
  246. Nid help with this (Beginner)
  247. Pointer to function returning a pointer to function
  248. Mastermind program
  249. Whats wrong with this?
  250. graphics.h in c